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Pediatric Clinic

Paediatrics is a medical discipline focused on the infants, children and adolescents. Children with Medical Complexity (CMC) are endangered with multiple chronic health problems, affecting multiple organ systems that consequently results in functional limitations, high health care need and often in need of medical support.

A child with medical complexity may suffer the following:

  • Genetic syndrome with an correlated congenital cardiac defect
  • Difficulty with swallowing
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Urologic condition etc.

Medical experts at MAGS has proper infrastructure to facilitate such children with primary care physician, multiple pediatric medical subspecialists or pediatric surgical specialists, home nurses and special attention to his or her nutritional needs and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pediatricians primarily categorized children’s fever into 2 parts. Children less than 3 months come under the first category, and children older than 3 months come under second category. Fever experienced by first category is never considered as normal, so you need to consult with a pediatrician. Fever experienced by first category is considered as much more common.

Signs of dehydration—

o   Extreme drowsiness

o   Vomiting bright-green liquid (bile)

o   High fever

o   Severe abdominal pain

o   No tears when crying

o   Sunken eyes

o   Dryness on lips and tongue as well

o   No urine for more than 8 hours

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