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Expert Consultation

When you attend your initial appointment with a Mag’s fertility specialist they will confirm that your pre-pregnancy screening tests and a basic fertility assessment has been undertaken. If it hasn’t been performed already, they will organise this for you at that moment.

As part of your initial consultation your fertility specialist will take a full medical history with special attention to fertility factors:

  • menstrual history
  • timing of intercourse
  • any sexual issues and previous pregnancy history

Other things to be discussed,

  • Are You Ovulating?

One of the initial things the doctor will want to know is whether or not you’re ovulating (releasing an egg every month). This is something you can figure out on your own before your appointment, by charting your basal body temperature (BBT) for several months.

This can be a very inexpensive way of helping you get pregnant, so it’s worth the effort.

Fertility Testing

At your first meeting with the fertility specialist, he’ll go over your medical history and then outline the fertility tests you and your partner will need to have.

These will include blood work and physical examinations (for both of you), semen analysis (for men), and ultrasounds to look at the lining of the uterus and to check for ovarian cysts and fibroid (for women).

Semen Analysis

For men, the basic test for infertility is a semen analysis (SA), in which a sample of ejaculate is evaluated in a lab. The sperm in the sample is counted and observed for problems with motility—the ability of the sperm to move through the female reproductive tract.

Providing a sperm sample can be anxiety-provoking, but it’s truly a straightforward process.

Beyond Fertility Treatment

Fertility drugs can have unpleasant side effects, and the vigilance required when taking them, the frequent (sometimes daily) trips to the infertility doctor’s office or clinic for blood work and ultrasounds, and the shared disappointment if a treatment doesn’t work the first time are just some of the factors that can take a toll on a couple undergoing fertility treatment.

It’s vital that both partners talk about what they’re feeling. If you find this hard to do, consider seeing an infertility counselor who is specially trained to guide couples undergoing fertility treatments through the emotional minefields of the fertility treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may not discuss your health problems with anyone, sometimes not even with your close people. Through consulting with experts, you can attain in-depth knowledge of your health issue with transparency.

Major benefits of expert consultation are:

o   Analysis and observation of full medical history with special attention

o   Basic fertility assessment and pre-pregnancy screening test will be undertaken

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