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Breast Care Clinic

As you age, it is important to take care of your breasts so that you can prevent diseases and even cancer. Intermountain Healthcare provides comprehensive breast care services and screenings for women. Those services include mammography and treatments for breast cancer and other breast-related conditions such as fibroid, cysts, noncancerous tumors, and infections (mastitis).

Things to Know

It’s important to examine your breasts regularly so that you can notice if changes are happening. Breast changes are common and most of them are not caused by cancer. You should tell your healthcare provider as soon as possible if you notice:

  • A lump or lumps in one or both breasts
  • Pain or tenderness
  • Fluid leaking from a nipple (when you’re not making milk for breastfeeding)
  • A nipple starts pulling in instead of poking out (becomes inverted)
  • The skin of a breast changes (such as turning red or puckered)

Causes of breast cancer

The exact causes of breast cancer aren’t fully understood. However, there are certain factors known to increase the risk of breast cancer. These include:

  • age – the risk increases as you get older
  • a family history of breast cancer
  • a previous diagnosis of breast cancer
  • a previous benign breast lump
  • being tall, overweight or obese
  • drinking alcohol  

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s not necessarily cancer. But, one should go through review and examination under medical experts’ guidance.

Not necessarily. Use of chemotherapy is applied by determining individual cases.

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