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Prenatal Counseling

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Ahead of the physical changes, conceiving a child means much more. It requires the future parents to get prepared for such a big change, both mentally and emotionally. Prenatal counselling at MAGS gives them that non-judgmental environment to talk their hearts out and get empathetic and professional advice on the relative concerns. The elementary purpose of the prenatal counselling at MAGS is to relieve stress from the parents’ mind, promote the wellbeing of the would-be mother, create a healthy bond between the unborn child and their parents as well as to make sure that the parents are wholeheartedly ready to welcome their bundle of joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Screening and Diagnostic test of fetus. Screening test is for the patients have risk of giving birth of a baby with birth defect. There is no risk of miscarriage. Diagnostic Test is for determining abnormalities in the fetus. There is little risk (less than 1%) of miscarriage.

Yes, most of the insurance plans cover prenatal counseling testing.

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