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Pregnancy in Special Conditions

Obstetrics and Gynecology Complication During Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes some astonishing changes in a woman’s body — the blood volume in her body doubles, her ligaments loosen, her rib cage expands and abdominal organs are put aside to make room for an expanding her uterus and baby. So, it is evident that pregnancy amplifies women’s risk for some unpleasant and sometimes dangerous conditions.

MAGS has a remarkable reputation in handling pregnancy in special condition. Managing the pregnancy of a woman with a previous renal transplant history, to its full term is one of the mention-worthy cases MAGS has handled with utmost care and precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should consult to doctor before or during pregnancy and discuss your medical history. Run test to check the current health status.

General advices are –

  •         Regular prenatal care is must
  •         Do exercise daily (No vigorous exercise)
  •         Don’t smoke
  •         Eat healthily and stay healthy

For being in special condition, you must consult with your doctor more frequently.

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