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Endometriosis and Infertility

Most common and severe risk that women having Endometriosis face is difficulties in getting pregnant or infertility. Evidences show more than 50% of women having Endometriosis are infertile. However, experts couldn’t find out how Endometriosis directly links to the infertility. But, Endometriosis treatment majorly takes place as women fail to conceive or find it difficult. As per the research result, the women, who are infertile, are 8 times more likely have to Endometriosis.

However, few theories are built up by the medical researchers in order to illustrate the reasons of fertility due to Endometriosis.

  1. Cytokines, the production of chemicals, are caused by inflammation. These cytokines make fertilization more difficult through inhibiting the egg cells and sperm.
  2. The fallopian tubes or uterus gets blocked by scarring and adhesions that occur with Endometriosis. As a result, it makes hard for sperm to meet the egg cell.
  3. Ovulation can be inhibited due to the presence of endometrial tissues on the ovaries. As a result, it prevents the release of an egg cell.

Endometriosis treatment is critical but crucial as well to manage infertility.


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